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November 22, 2016

Tigers Tackling Truancy

Wests Tigers have launched a new community program, working with school students in the NSW country town of Walgett.

The Wests Tigers Tackling Truancy program has been developed in conjunction with Walgett Community College and with the support of NRL All Stars.

As part of a Walgett high school attendance initiative, Walgett Community College is engaging with the Wests Tigers Tackling Truancy program designed to increase levels of student attendance.

This innovative program will use the power of sport and Wests Tigers to provide a range of incentives to increase attendance at the regional High School.

The Wests Tigers Tackling Truancy program has been designed to work with students to give them a sense of self and culture, while improving their goal setting, academic levels, positive relationships, health and wellbeing, community engagement and career prospects.

Students will be involved in a range of initiatives involving the Wests Tigers club, players and staff. There will be incentives offered to students throughout the program, with the largest an all-expenses paid trip to Sydney to visit Wests Tigers.

Wests Tigers CEO Justin Pascoe said that the Club was looking forward to working with the staff and students at Walgett Community College.

“The development of the Wests Tigers Tackling Truancy program is important for us as a Club and something that we’re very proud of,” said Pascoe. “This program will use the power of Rugby League to make a positive impact on the students at Walgett Community College and their wider community.

“At Wests Tigers we’ve made a real effort to increase our level of involvement in the community over the last year and the launch of the Wests Tigers Tackling Truancy program is another example of this,” he said. “We look forward to making a difference in the lives of these students and personally I look forward to meeting those who will join in Sydney throughout the year.

“One of our Club’s strategic priorities is to increase our reach across borders and this partnership with the Walgett community is an example of that being put into action,” he said.

The Wests Tigers Tackling Truancy program will feature a range of elements designed to increase attendance of students to above 90%. The elements include training programs, goal-setting programs, a Wests Tigers Careers Assembly, player and ambassador visits, video conferencing, and parent and community engagement sessions.

Students will also learn about a range of community focused topics, as well as the importance of nutrition and will take part in physical education sessions.

Wests Tigers would like to acknowledge the NRL Learning with League team for their assistance with creating the program.

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