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Wellbeing & Education

About the Wellbeing and Education Program

Following the first ever collective bargaining agreement (CBA) for elite rugby league players, the NRL/RLPA Wellbeing & Education Committee (WEC) was established in 2003 to provide strategy and financial direction for the game’s first-ever Wellbeing and Education Program.

Since its inception, the Wellbeing Program has supported players from rugby league pathways, NRL and NRLW and retired players.

The Program is funded from the players’ share of revenue negotiated in the CBA.

Program Scope

The Program is delivered at every NRL and NRLW club with dedicated Wellbeing & Education Managers employed by each club to service all contracted players.

Under the CBA, the NRL and RLPA have agreed to establish a joint venture to independently govern and manage the Wellbeing & Education Program delivered to NRL and NRLW players

Program Focus

  • Complete State Wellbeing
  • Leadership Development
  • Educational Engagement
  • Vocational Awareness and Career Resilience
  • Social Responsibility
  • Financial Education
  • Career Transition
  • Mental Health Support

Additional Services

As part of the Mental Health Support pillar, the Wellbeing and Education Program offers counselling support through Benester, while the Program’s Financial Education provider is Pivot Wealth Financial.

If you are a currently contracted player or former player and would like to know more about the services of Benestar and Pivot Wealth, please fill out the form below.

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