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Our Team

The RLPA Team

The RLPA Headquarters is located in Balmain and the RLPA staff are a team of professionals whose purpose is to:
  • Protect and advance the interests of Players and the Game.
  • Represent, empower and support Players.
Our team is dedicated to achieving this by:
  • Valuing different perspectives and balancing competing interests, while remaining focused on our stated objectives.
  • Acting with integrity, collaborating and harnessing the collective strength of Players.

Team Members

Clint Newton

Chief Executive Officer

Luke Ellis

Chief Operating Officer

Tim Lythe

Head of Strategy and Projects

Sam Skinner

Legal Counsel

Michael McGowan

Finance Manager

Sandra Rogers

Executive Officer

Tom Symonds

General Manager, Past Players and Transition

Lina Caccamo

General Manager, Strategy and Innovation

Jamie Buhrer

General Manager, Player and Football Operations

Keegan Hipgrave

Player Transition Manager

Joe Galuvao

Player Transition Manager

Nita Maynard

Player Operations Manager

Simon Roberts

Football Operations and Development Manager

Brydie Parker

Player Operations Manager

Tinirau Arona

Player Operations Manager

Sia Soliola

Player Operations Manager

Aaron Booth

Player Operations Manager

Joey Ratcliffe

Media and Communications Manager

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