Our Team

The RLPA Headquarters is located in Balmain and the RLPA staff are a team of professionals whose purpose is to:

Our team is dedicated to achieving this by:

  • Valuing different perspectives and balancing competing interests, while remaining focused on our stated objectives.
  • Acting with integrity, collaborating and harnessing the collective strength of Players.

Our Team:
  • Clint Newton – Chief Executive Officer
  • Luke Ellis – Chief Operating Officer
  • Tim Lythe – Head of Strategy and Projects
  • Sam Skinner – Legal Counsel
  • Michael McGowan – Finance Manager
  • Sandra Rogers – Executive Officer
  • Tom Symonds – General Manager, Past Player and Transition Program
  • Lina Caccamo – General Manager – Elite Women and International Relations
  • Jamie Buhrer – General Manager, Player and Football Operations
  • Simon Roberts – Football Operations and Development Manager
  • Nita Maynard – Player Operations Manager
  • Tinirau Arona – Player Operations Manager
  • Sia Soliola – Player Operations Manager
  • Joey Ratcliffe – Media and Communications Manager