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Injury Hardship Fund

About the Injury Hardship Fund

The Injury Hardship Fund is a discretionary, benevolent fund designed to provide financial assistance and support to Players who suffer serious injuries, including career-ending injuries, and experience financial hardship as a result, as determined in accordance with the Injury Hardship Fund Rules.

The Fund is designed to help offset the hardship the player will suffer because of losing their career. The Injury Hardship Fund may also provide assistance to meet direct costs for players who are suffering financial hardship as a direct consequence of suffering a serious injury.

The Injury Hardship Fund Committee is a committee established under the CBA to govern the operation of the players’ Injury Hardship Fund and assess applications.

Who is eligible to access the Injury Hardship Fund?

As a result of the collective bargaining negotiations in 2023, NRLW players are now able to access the Injury Hardship Fund along with NRL players.

The eligibility criteria for the Fund acts as threshold conditions that a player’s application must satisfy before the Injury Hardship Committee assesses what, if any, payment will be made to the player in relation to that eligible application.

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