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Past Player & Transition Program


Starting operations in 2024, the Past Player & Transition Program provides best practice support to NRL and NRLW players during periods of transition and in retirement from professional rugby league.
The Program aims to ensure players are respected and rewarded for their contribution to rugby league, and provided every opportunity to remain actively connected to the game and other players.

Program Scope

The Program delivers certain support to players who have previously held an NRL Top 30, NRLW Top 24, Supplementary List, or Development List Contract, or contract of equivalent status. This includes those players who are subsequently playing in other leagues or competitions (e.g. State Cup and Super League) or in other sporting codes.
The Program will primarily focus on providing transition-specific support for up to three years post-retirement from professional rugby league. There will also be some engagement, services, and benefits for up to 10 years post a player’s last NRL or NRLW playing contract.

General Details

The Program will provide support, benefits, services, and initiatives that are categorised under the five key pillars of the program: Transition, Medical, Financial, Connection, and Mental Fitness.

The existing Injury Hardship Fund and Retirement Account will fall under the operations of the Program. The newly established General Player Hardship Fund and Past Player Medical Support Fund will also fall under the operations of the Program.

Current initiatives of the Program include:

  • Dedicated Transition Plans with a Player Transition Manager
  • Career Coaching
  • Education Grants
  • Player Employment Network
  • Referrals for the Brain Health Study and Assessment
  • Financial Education and Advice
  • Keep Fit, Keep Connected
  • Counselling
  • Mental Health Referral Network
  • Connection Events

More initiatives for the five pillars of the Program will be launched throughout 2024 and 2025.

The Program Team

Tom Symonds

General Manager | Past Players and Transition

Joe Galuvao

Player Transition Manager

Keegan Hipgrave

Player Transition Manager

Get in Touch

If you are a player that would like to know more about the Program, please fill in the form below to get in contact with a member of the team.

Player Transition Form


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