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Leadership Structure

About the RLPA’s Leadership Structure

The Rugby League Players’ Association is a player-led organisation. The strategic direction and decision-making of the Association is informed entirely by player leaders, who bring forward the views of all players (the Members).

The Association’s Chief Executive Officer reports to the RLPA Board, in which at least half of the Directors on the Board must be players.

Each of the 27 NRL and NRLW clubs have player representatives for the RLPA called Delegates. The role of Delegates is to act as an important link between the Association and all its Members, provide key insights, and to raise any concerns within the team or club.

The Player Advisory Groups (PAGs) create important links between the Club Delegates and the RLPA Directors. The RLPA currently has three Player Advisory Groups: the Men’s Player Advisory Group, the Women’s Player Advisory Group, and The Mana Group.

The PAG’s serve as immediate representatives for Association members, offering feedback and conveying player-related concerns to the Board and Management.

All player Directors are members of their respective Men’s or Women’s PAG, and all members of the Men’s and Women’s PAGs are Delegates for their respective clubs.

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