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Reconciliation Action Plan

About the RLPA Reconciliation Action Plan

The Rugby League Players’ Association launched its first-ever Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (2021-23) in 2021, timed in recognition of National Reconciliation Week.

The RLPA’s RAP featured 16 Action Points that were centred around Relationships, Respect, Opportunities and Governance. Click here to read our first Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan.

In 2024, the RLPA will commence its second Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan and will continue to be an integral part of the RLPA’s strategic direction, ultimately enhancing the Association’s connection with, and advocacy for, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander players.

The RAP also recognises the important role that the RLPA and its members can play in the wider community and the opportunity that exists to promote Reconciliation initiatives through established platforms.

The RAP Working Group consists of former NRL player Ryan James, and current NRL and NRLW players Adam Elliott, Jasmine Peters and Shaylee Bent.

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