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Player and Football Operations

About the RLPA’s Player and Football Operations

The RLPA’s Player Operation Managers are the primary contact for the players, where they play a critical role by engaging, supporting and working collaboratively with our membership (NRL and NRLW players) to protect and advance their interests.

The key functions of the Player Operations team are:

  • representing and advocating for the views and needs of players
  • managing issues relating to collective and individual player matters
  • working collaboratively and effectively with industry stakeholders to identify and resolve issues affecting individuals or the membership collectively
  • offering assistance and support to a variety of RLPA projects.

The Player Operations team can help players with

  • contract issues and enquiries
  • legal and insurance assistance
  • integrity issues and support
  •  player agent advice and disputes

Player Operations team always maintain the highest levels of confidentiality and discretion.

The Player and Football Operations Team

Jamie Buhrer

General Manager, Player and Football Operations

Nita Maynard

Player Operations Manager

Brydie Parker

Player Operations Manager

Sia Soliola

Player Operations Manager

Tinirau Arona

Player Operations Manager

Aaron Booth

Player Operations Manager

Simon Roberts

Football Operations and Development Manager

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