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April 05, 2024

Levels Network join forces with RLPA for player of the month

The Rugby League Players Association is pleased to announce the player-voted Player of the Month award will be presented by Levels Network in 2024, an exciting collaboration that will elevate the awards and individual performances of players.

The presenting collaboration begins with the March Player of the Month award, which is this year selected by a panel of former players including Levels Networks’ Justin Horo along with The Bye Round’s James Graham and Dene Halatau.

The nominations and Player of the Month winner will be announced on the Levels Network podcast, hosted by Justin Horo and Willie Mason.

“The RLPA is proud to collaborate with Levels Network on the Player of the Month awards for 2024,” said Tom Symonds, the RLPA’s General Manager, Past Players and Transition.

“Justin and Willie have built a platform that is extremely authentic and engaging which has led to an incredible following amongst fans and players alike. What they are continuing to achieve as past players with the Levels Network is great to see, and we look forward to building the Player of the Month awards together.”

“We are also incredibly grateful to James and Dene who have re-committed to their positions on the nominations panel. Along with Justin, both are respected rugby league minds with brilliant knowledge of the game and we are very pleased to have all three on the nominations panel.”

The March NRL nominees for Player of the Month

  • Tom Dearden
  • Dylan Edwards
  • Nicho Hynes
  • James Tedesco
  • Roger Tuivasa-Sheck

The winner of the March Player of the Month will be announced on Monday April 8.

How Does the Player of the Month Voting Work?

  • Nomination voting is completed with a 3/2/1 process and the four players (and ties) with the most votes eligible for the Player of the Month award.
  • All NRL-contracted players are then able to give vote one (1) to their Player of the Month.
  • Players are unable to vote for teammates.
  • The nominated player with the greatest number of votes is awarded the Player of the Month.

When are the NRL Player of the Month Awards?

  • March: Round 1 to Round 4
  • April: Round 5 to Round 8
  • May: Round 9 to Round 12
  • June: Round 13 to Round 17 (including State of Origin Game 1 and Game 2)
  • July: Round 18 to Round 21 (including State of Origin Game 3)
  • August: Round 22 to Round 26
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