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Posted by RLPA

March 15, 2023

Statement on Multicultural Round

Players have not boycotted Multicultural Round and will continue to support multiple Multicultural Round engagements and promotional activities over this week. But players have chosen not to participate in media opportunities with members of the NRL Executive Team.

Players have and will always do more than is expected of them for the fans. They are community focused and demonstrate their commitment to the fans every week through multiple club community, game day and juniors activities.

While players acknowledge some progress has been made, there are still many outstanding items in their CBA negotiations that have yet to be agreed upon, despite months of negotiations. Because of this, players are continuing with their boycott position of not participating in commercial, promotional, media and social media activities organised by or alongside the NRL Executive Team, NRL Media and

Some of the outstanding CBA matters include minimum salaries and benefits, player property use and commercial restrictions, agreed NRLW playing contract, allocation of funding for Retirement Account, Injury Hardship Fund, Past Player Medical Support Program, Past Player Transition and Wellbeing & Education, contracting restrictions, above and below forecast revenue sharing arrangements and representative payments.

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