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Posted by RLPA

November 23, 2016

Collaboration delivers improved schedule

Players believe fewer short turnarounds will have a positive impact on the Game in 2017.

The NRL Season Draw for next year was released today and Rugby League Players Association General President, Clint Newton has congratulated the NRL, Nine Network and Foxsports for addressing Player welfare concerns and making a significant reduction in the number of five-day turnarounds.

“If you want to deliver the best possible competition for the fans and viewers it makes commercial sense to protect the Players who are providing the entertainment week in week out,” said Newton. “This year the NRL and broadcasters involved us at a point where we could make a meaningful contribution and the result means a reduced risk of Player burnout, fatigue and injury.

“The unacceptable workplace risks associated with short turnarounds that existed previously have been significantly reduced in 2017,” said Newton.  “Players believe this will have a positive impact on the Game because Players who are at their best physically and mentally will play the best football.”

Newton says the 2017 draw reflects the positive collaboration with the NRL and broadcasters in relation to concerns raised by Players and shows what can be achieved when stakeholders work together.

“The NRL not only honoured its commitment to a 25% reduction they’ve actually gone even further,” he said. “Also the short turnarounds that are in the Draw are spread more evenly across the competition and between teams whilst the implications of travel have been factored in.

“David Silverton and the NRL team deserve credit for how they approached the process and the way they worked with Players and other stakeholders to put the Draw together,” said Newton.

Players will continue working with the NRL and broadcasters to reduce short turnarounds and commend the parties involved for the progress made for 2017.

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