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Posted by RLPA

December 18, 2016

RLPA Statement re Alex McKinnon

Alex McKinnon’s injury has been life changing and we can’t begin to understand how difficult it has been for him and his family to adjust to his new circumstances.  

Alex has the right to pursue any and all legal options available to him in relation to his injury and it is appropriate that he has engaged his own legal representatives to assist him. 

We also recognise there has been an emotional toll on those who played and officiated in the Game between the Newcastle Knights and Melbourne Storm and particularly on those involved in the incident that resulted in the injury to Alex. 

From the RLPA’s perspective, we will seek to ensure that the rights of all parties are protected throughout any legal process that might eventuate. 

Rugby League is a contact sport but we will continue to work with the NRL and Clubs to put all reasonable measures in place to protect Players.

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