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Posted by RLPA

February 10, 2017

Indigenous Leadership Camp 2017

The RLPA was honoured to take part in the 2017 Indigenous Leadership Camp held at the historic Q-Station in Manly.

The purpose of holding the camp each year is to learn about our true indigenous history and the significance of the oldest living culture in the world. It allows indigenous players can take their place as young professionals who are inspiring generations of their people to come.

All of those in camp were treated to some incredible sessions, including hearing from speakers like Stan Grant and Linda Burney, whose messages urged the boys to take everything they were learning back to both their clubs and their communities as beacons of success in representing the best interests of the Indigenous community.

Camp highlights for our team included the war cry – where our very own Anthony Quinn was welcomed to join in “Team Widders / Inglis” and learn the Indigenous War Cry. As JT floated this week, wouldn’t it be great if the Kangaroos and Jillaroos eventually performed this ritual before each of their representatives matches! 

Then there was the Ghost Tour around the historic Q-Station, which can’t go unmentioned. If you ever feel like testing your blood pressure, go on a Ghost Tour with 25 prankster NRL Players all trying to out spook each other.  Honourable mentions must go to Greg Inglis for managing to prank the whole group as they attempted to go through one of the rooms. If the speed the boys ran out of the building was anything to go by, then the All Stars is shaping up to be an amazing match!

The Indigenous Engagement team did a fantastic job organising the weekend and Mark Deweed and his team should be commended. It was an excellent blend of culture and actives and the location was spectacular.

We look forward to continuing to work closely with the Indigenous Engagement team in supporting our Indigenous RLPA members and wish the All Stars the best of luck tonight.

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