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Posted by RLPA

February 16, 2017

RLPA Statement Re Tim Simona Investigation

The Rugby League Players Association have been made aware that Tim Simona is currently under investigation by the NRL Integrity Unit regarding allegations of breaching the rules relating to gambling on NRL matches.

There is a process that will be worked through by the Integrity Unit and we will support Tim through that along with his Agent, Club and advisors.  Like any integrity related issues, if a player is found to have breached the rules it is important that he takes responsibility for his actions and is held accountable.

The RLPA is committed to working in genuine partnership with the NRL and Clubs to protect the integrity of the game and acknowledges the serious nature of these allegations. All players have a crucial role in not only growing the game but ensuring they uphold the professional standards expected of them. If an individual falls short of those standards it unfortunately impacts on the reputation and perception of all Rugby League players despite the vast majority of them being impressive young men and ambassadors for our game.

It’s important that we manage these matters responsibly in terms of following due process and ensuring the rights of the player are respected.

We will continue to work with Tim, his Agent, the Club and NRL throughout process. 

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