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Posted by RLPA

February 05, 2021

Notice – Cancellation of Accreditation for Player Agent Isaac Moses

As of 5 February 2021, Isaac Moses’ accreditation as a Player Agent under the NRL Accredited Agent Scheme was cancelled.

This means that Isaac Moses is no longer an Accredited Agent and therefore not entitled to negotiate on behalf of Players in relation to NRL Playing Contracts.

As you will be aware:

  • Players can only engage an Accredited Agent; and 
  • NRL Clubs are only permitted to negotiate with Accredited Agents, in relation to negotiating NRL Playing Contracts. 

Therefore, Players who have a Player and Agent Agreement with Isaac Moses may need to contract with another Accredited Agent in order to negotiate an NRL Playing Contract on their behalf.

Under the terms of their Player and Agent Agreement, Players will have the right to terminate their management agreement with Isaac Moses if they wish to.

We recommend that Players contact the Rugby League Players’ Association (RLPA) or Paul Massey (Operations Manager, Accredited Agents Scheme) for advice and guidance in relation to any rights they may have under their management agreement in light of Isaac Moses’ accreditation being cancelled.

To contact the RLPA, click here.

Operations Manager, Accredited Agent Scheme:

Paul Massey: 0437 600 200

NRL Statement – Isaac Moses

The National Rugby League (NRL) Appeals Committee has upheld the NRL’s decision to cancel the accreditation of player agent Isaac Moses.

Mr Moses’ accreditation is formally cancelled with effect from today.

The Committee, chaired by the Honourable Ian Callinan AC QC with panellists Mr Michael Cleary AO and Mr Max Krilich OAM, described Mr Moses’ breach as one of great seriousness, concluding that his accreditation should be cancelled.

NRL Clubs may only negotiate NRL Playing Contracts with NRL Accredited Agents.

Players represented by Mr Moses who have questions about what this means for them are advised to contact the Rugby League Players Association for more information. 

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