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Felise Kaufusi

Director, Player Advisory Group

Felise Kaufusi joined the Men’s Player Advisory Group ahead of the 2023 NRL season and became a player Director on the RLPA Board at the 2024 Annual General Meeting.

The Dolphins recruit also served as a Delegate during his time at the Melbourne Storm.

Felise, who becomes the first Tongan international to join the RLPA Board, spoke of his pride in becoming a Director.

“Becoming a Director on the RLPA Board is an important step in my journey of continuing to advocate for the rights and welfare of rugby league players,” said Felise.

“The long form CBA is a landmark achievement in our collective pursuit of a fairer, more supportive, and more accountable working environment for players. The improved remuneration and conditions for players, as well as expanded opportunities for NRLW players, are big strides forward for players.

“I am committed to championing the interests of players and working to build upon the successes of the recent joint CBA agreement.”

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