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Posted by RLPA

February 13, 2020

Statement – Jack de Belin adjournment

The Rugby League Players’ Association has issued the following statement:

The RLPA makes no comment in relation to the criminal proceedings – which have been adjourned today – before the District Court of NSW involving our member, Jack de Belin.

However, the fact that the matter will now be further delayed due to legal complications again demonstrates the inherent unfairness of the NRL’s “No-Fault Stand Down” Policy. 

The policy restrains players from plying their trade for an indeterminate period of time while denying the player their fundamental right to the presumption of innocence.

The player is also denied the right to be heard by the NRL in relation to its decision and the ongoing impact of the stand down period.

The RLPA remains opposed to the ‘No Fault Stand Down’ Policy, which was introduced without the consultation and consent of the RLPA, as is required by the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The CBA Dispute remains ongoing.

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