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Posted by RLPA

February 02, 2019

Statement: Ben Barba

Rugby League Players’ Association (RLPA) Chief Executive Officer, Ian Prendergast, has made the following statement in response to reports involving Ben Barba.

“Like any of our members, we will offer Ben and his family every support we can,” Mr Prendergast said.

“To be clear – the support offered to Ben would focus on helping him properly address any issues that may be causing what is alleged to have occurred.

“Ben returned to the game well aware that any behavioural issues would result in his de-registration and it appears his professional career in the NRL is now over.

“We fully support this decision if the allegations are correct and the strong stance the game is taking regarding violence against women. 

“Each case must be dealt with on its merits. However, any conduct relating to violence against women is unacceptable, not only in rugby league, but in society as a whole. 

“Our members understand that they owe it to the game to be better than many of the incidents we have seen over the past few months.

“They are also frustrated that the collective group is tarnished by the acts of a small percentage of their peers and that these issues have put the game under huge pressure. 

“The vast majority of players continue to do the right thing and we need to ensure they are protected and empowered to help get the game back on track.”

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