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Posted by RLPA

June 14, 2017

RLPA Statement

The Rugby League Players Association (RLPA) would like to clarify a highly inaccurate article “How many NRL players are on first strikes for drugs?” published by 7Sport today (15/06/17).

The reported data relating to the number of NRL players who have tested positive under the NRL’s Illicit Drug Policy is completely incorrect.

Under the current system – which has a focus on education, counselling, treatment and ongoing support – data relating to players who have recorded a “first strike” remains confidential.

While confidentiality is a key pillar of the policy, the RLPA can confirm that the reported number of current players on a first detection is wildly inaccurate and that the number is substantially lower.

The article refers to an “unnamed source” providing the figures, however the RLPA would like to clarify the damaging information.

Given the complex nature of this issue and the players’ commitment to being the only industry stakeholder tested for illicit drugs, the RLPA considers reporting of this nature completely unacceptable.

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