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Posted by RLPA

May 20, 2016

RLPA Statement regarding Kieran Foran

The Rugby League Players Association is appalled by today’s News Limited story relating to Kieran Foran.

We have been in contact today with Kieran, the Club’s Welfare Manager and the NRL who all share our disappointment in the story and concern regarding the potential for it to impact on Kieran’s mental health. 

We have been informed there are factual inaccuracies in the story and we understand these matters, together with any breaches of privacy and confidentiality, are being pursued legally by Kieran’s management, SFX Sports.

It is disturbing that a story of this nature has been published by News Limited when it is public knowledge that Kieran is currently dealing with complex personal matters.

Players are people first, and we do not believe it is unreasonable to expect compassion and empathy for individuals in situations such as this. 

In relation to Kieran’s health generally, he has been receiving medical treatment at a hospital in Brisbane. The treatment has progressed well and Kieran has recovered to the point that his Doctor considers it best for him to now return to footy as part of his treatment plan. This decision has been made by Kieran based purely on medical advice and what is in his best interests. 

Kieran wishes to thank everyone for their well wishes and understanding of his circumstances, and requests that his privacy be respected as he continues to focus on addressing his health issues.

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