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Posted by RLPA

January 31, 2023

RLPA Statement

In response to commentary and releases about the players’ CBA negotiations (specifically an NRLW pregnancy and carer’s policy and Private Health Insurance), this is the RLPA’s position on how the last few months have unfolded:

  • The RLPA developed the first Pregnancy and Parental Leave policy for consideration in bargaining.
  • The NRL rejected that draft policy.
  • The RLPA then received an NRL pregnancy and carer’s policy in October, but it was rejected by the RLPA because it was not substantial enough and its coverage was inadequate.
  • The NRL then requested further clarification and information on the RLPA’s policy.
  • The RLPA provided that information but heard nothing from the NRL until receiving its CBA proposal which made it clear that the NRL would not agree to a policy as part of the CBA. The NRL would only consult with the RLPA on the development of the policy – no such policy was included in the NRL‘s most recent CBA proposal for review.
  • The RLPA has again reiterated the need for this fundamental policy to be agreed and form part of the NRLW CBA.
  • The RLPA did propose that private health insurance would be funded through the salary cap, conditional upon agreement to the players’ proposed financial model, including the revenue share, NRLW salary cap and NRL minimum salary (all significantly higher than what the NRL announced publicly), and standardised match fees for all players. Those conditions have not been met.
  • We are in agreeance on multi-season contracts, however we do not agree with the NRL’s position of six (6) month contracts in 2023 and a changing of the mode under the term.

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