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Posted by RLPA

January 24, 2024

A stronger and more unified brand to celebrate the RLPA’s 45th year

The Rugby League Players’ Association has celebrated our 45th year with an update to our brand that celebrates the strength and unity of our past, current and future players.

The visual identity of the RLPA is continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of our members and the sport, and the enduring expectations of the community and future players for strong representation.

Our updated logos, typefaces, and colours are designed to work in harmony, creating a cohesive communications framework. When used thoughtfully, these elements will enhance the visual presence of the RLPA within the broader community. Adhering to our brand guidelines is crucial for us, so we encourage consistent reference and compliance with these standards.

About the new RLPA logo

The RLPA logo symbolises unity, strength, and the spirit of rugby league. It’s a visual representation of our commitment to players and the sport.

Each element, from its colours to its form, is meticulously crafted to reflect our values and our history. These guidelines ensure our logo’s integrity and impact, fostering recognition and respect across all platforms. Adhering to them unites us under a common identity, reinforcing our dedication to the game and its current, future and past players.

The RLPA logo is not just an emblem; it’s a testament to our collective strength and the heart of rugby league.

Please click here to access our new logos, fonts and brand guidelines.



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