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Posted by RLPA

December 18, 2023

Brydie Parker joins the RLPA team

The Rugby League Players’ Association is pleased to announce Brydie Parker has joined the team as a Player Operations Manager. 

Brydie will be working full-time at the RLPA after emerging from the Association’s player leadership structure as a Delegate for the Sydney Roosters in the NRLW and member of the Women’s Player Advisory Group

Having been a key player leader during the recent CBA negotiations, Brydie joins the team with strong experience in player representation and advocacy. 

“Being a Delegate throughout the CBA negotiations helped me gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the RLPA.” Brydie said. 

“The negotiations highlighted to me the incredible level of dedication and commitment the RLPA has for the players and their rights and wellbeing. Experiencing that support and advocacy first-hand made me very eager to work for an organisation with values aligned to mine.” 

“Being currently immersed in the game will also allow me to have crucial on-the-ground perspective for all current players.” 

Brydie joins the Player Operations team that services NRLW players alongside fellow current NRLW player Nita Maynard.  

“My goal as a Player Operations Manager is to continue to grow the women’s game and ensure the players’ voices are heard and respected, and their views are at the forefront of all decisions being made,” Brydie said. 

“The RLPA to me is a voice for the players that allows us to be heard. The game wouldn’t be where it is today without the commitment and contribution of the RLPA,” Brydie said. 

Lina Caccamo, GM of Elite Women & International Relations praised the addition of Brydie to the RLPA operations. 

“We are excited to welcome Brydie to the RLPA team, and we believe she is well suited to support and advocate for the current playing group. She has been an impressive leader for the RLPA as a player since the inception of the NRLW competition, and her passion for the game and player rights and welfare will translate perfectly into the Association’s operations.” 

About Player Operations Managers  

The Player Operations Manager role is primarily focused on successfully communicating, developing, organising and empowering RLPA Player Delegates and representatives.   

The role is responsible for engaging and working collaboratively with other RLPA members and key industry stakeholders to drive a high level of trust and engagement with the RLPA.  

About the RLPA

The Rugby League Players’ Association (RLPA) is the representative body of elite rugby league players contracted to play in the National Rugby League competitions, NSW Cup, Queensland Cup and elite women’s competitions.  

Players agree on how their negotiated share of NRL revenue is divided up and distributed across the Total Player Payments. Within the Total Player Payments, there is also a portion which the players have agreed will be directed towards funding their association. This represents the members’ fees and the revenue received is what the association operates off. 

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