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August 12, 2020

Career Development: Anthony Don

The Rugby League Players’ Association (RLPA) has launched a content series promoting career development opportunities for players and the importance of planning for life after footy.

The Career Development Q&A will each week feature a player who has engaged in meaningful development opportunities away from the field, providing an insight for other players and the industry about their journey.

The content series also highlights academic achievements from within the playing group, many of which have utilised the support available through the NRL-RLPA Wellbeing and Education program.

Part 12 of the Career Development Q&A features Gold Coast Titans player and RLPA Delegate, Anthony Don.

Q1 What off field development are you completing or have completed?

I have recently finished a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of New England.

Q2 Why did you choose this field?

I wanted to further develop my skillset for life after rugby league. I am a qualified PE teacher and was looking for something a little bit different and to gain new skills and knowledge and landed on the MBA course.

Q3 Did you always have this career path in mind?

No. I wanted to keep studying as the Gold Coast Titans, the NRL and the RLPA are very supportive or career development. The financial support available to players and the clubs academic support made the decision very easy.

Q4 What plans or goals do you have for post-retirement?

I would love to stay involved at the Titans in some capacity. My main areas of interest would be commercial, junior development or administration. I’d love to get some more experience in these fields while I’m playing too.

Q5 If you could give yourself one piece of career advice back in your rookie year what would it be?

Take advantage of the support and assistance from the NRL, RLPA and the Titans for all career development. It will be the cheapest and you will be provided more support than anywhere else. I was 25 in my rookie year, so I was in a slightly different position than most.

Q6 How important is it for players and the industry to prioritise career development opportunities?

Focussing on your own development is a good way to keep your mind off footy, particularly when things might not be going so well on the field. It’s important to have something else to focus on away from rugby league that you can work on and achieve results in.

Q7 Was there a time you felt like giving up on your studies and if so, what helped you keep going?

Most semesters when assignments were due, I would contemplate throwing the towel in. However, I kept pushing ahead with help from the Titans staff. Juggling football, studies and a family were sometimes difficult but I managed to complete my Masters of Business Administration.

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