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October 20, 2023

Australia’s PAs Stand with Netball Players

The peak body of players’ associations in Australia, the Australian Athletes Alliance (AAA), and its
Member Associations stand with the Australian Netball Players Association (ANPA) and support
its efforts to negotiate a collective agreement that is fair to netballers and provides them dignity
and a voice within their sport.

At a meeting of the AAA this week, all Australia’s player associations unanimously:

  • Recognised that Australia’s netballers are taking a stand in their fight for a fair deal.
  • Called on Netball Australia to negotiate in good faith.
  • Called on Netball Australia to provide full financial transparency and to develop a longterm
    growth model for the National League.
  • Supported Australia’s netballers in their campaign to become true partners in the sport
    via a revenue sharing model.
  • Called on all athletes in all sports to support the netballer’s #FightForFair social media
  • Committed to support and provide resources of the players’ association movement in
    Australia to the ANPA and netballers.

AAA General Secretary, Jacob Holmes, said it was important for the players from all codes to stick

“It is important for all of Australia’s players associations to unite around the ANPA in this time of
need and the AAA was created for this purpose. We stand ready and willing to assist the netballers
and ANPA.”

Holmes said the proposed ANPA deal would recognise the netballers and their role within the

“The netballers are seeking a genuine partnership and a fair deal which they rightly deserve. Their
motivation is to sustainably grow the sport, recognising the pivotal role the players have in this.”
ANPA CEO, Kathryn Harby-Williams, thanked the AAA and all member organisations for their

“The AAA and our fellow Member Associations are a great source of strength and solidarity for
the ANPA and netballers. We thank the AAA and all Members for their support at this time.”

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