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Chad Townsend

Director, Player Advisory Group

After being an RLPA Delegate for a number of years, Chad Townsend joined the Men’s Player Advisory Group in September 2021 and the RLPA Board as a Director at the 2024 Annual General Meeting.

“I am passionate about players’ rights. I want to help make a difference for not only players of today’s game, but for the players of the future,” said Chad Townsend.

“The PAG is a group of committed players, giving up their time to represent the collective group. The group only wants what’s best for the players. The vital role the PAG plays is to advocate strongly alongside the RLPA and give feedback on all facets of our working conditions.”

“The RLPA ensures that we have the best and fairest working conditions possible, lead by Clint Newton and an unbelievably passionate team. Without the entire team working in unison we would not have the standards and conditions we currently have and we’re just getting started.”

On joining the RLPA Board as a Director, Chad said:

“The RLPA is an organisation that represents players. When I think of the RLPA I think of a collective and united playing group.”

“I have been lucky enough to play the game for 14 years now and I have seen the RLPA evolve and only grow and get stronger every year. I am a player and I love the players and I will always stand up for the players, so this means a lot to me.

“The recent joint CBA for NRL and NRLW players is a testament to the progress we’ve made in prioritising the rights, terms and conditions for players. The increased investment in player welfare, wellbeing, and post-career and transition support reflects our collective efforts to ensure that players are supported both during and after their playing careers. I’m excited to contribute as a Director to build upon these achievements and drive positive change for players, the game and the broader rugby league community.”

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