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Posted by RLPA

May 05, 2017

Rugby League Players outline Partnership Proposal

The Rugby League Players Association has presented a comprehensive proposal for the Game’s future to the NRL as part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations.

The proposal ensures that the Players’ value and contribution is recognised, while allowing the NRL to properly invest in grassroots and the challenges facing the Game.

The Players’ submission is underpinned by five key pillars:

  • Creating a GENUINE PARTNERSHIP between the Players, the Clubs and the NRL
  • Dynamic COMMERCIAL ARRANGEMENTS that recognise respective contributions whilst promoting innovation and creativity
  • An improved CONTRACTING MODEL that promotes competitive balance and delivers fair benefits
  • A genuine focus on prioritising the WELLBEING and holistic development of our people to achieve their individual purpose
  • Improvements in HEALTH AND SAFETY to ensure high performance environments and support that align with the professional expectations of the Game

RLPA CEO Ian Prendergast said the most important aspect of the proposal is developing a partnership model that incentivises the Players, the NRL and Clubs to build the Game together and share in the benefits of that growth.

“Our proposal focuses on a shared responsibility and determination to protect the Game and realise its potential.

“By seeking to establish a guaranteed fair share of revenue Players are saying they will work with the NRL to grow the Game rather than simply seeking to maximise short-term benefits.”

RLPA General President and Australian captain Cameron Smith emphasised that the Players were firmly behind the RLPA and the proposal to take the Game forward.

“We may contest fiercely on the field, but when it comes to fundamental issues about the future of our game we are 100 per cent united in our support of the RLPA.”

”Our proposal will place Players at the centre of the industry by engaging and empowering us to work in genuine partnership with the NRL and Clubs to help set Rugby League up for the future.”

New Zealand captain, Jesse Bromwich, explained that this is an opportunity to ensure that all NRL Players receive appropriate recognition and support based on the professionalism of the NRL.

“The focus of this proposal is not on Players like myself and Cam who have been fortunate to build long term careers, it is those Players we all know in our environment that are doing the work but don’t necessarily receive the protection they should.”

The RLPA will continue working with the NRL towards delivering these outcomes in a timely manner.

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