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Posted by RLPA

September 04, 2021

RLPA Statement

The RLPA and Players acknowledge the NRL’s formal announcement to postpone the NRLW competition to the start of 2022.

It is recognised that shifting the NRLW to the new 2022 window at the late stage the decision was made, was the only truly viable option left available for the competition particularly when factoring in the current health and safety climate.

It is crucial to acknowledge the frustration and disappointment amongst the playing group, given the significant amount of time, commitment, family sacrifice, work, and movement already accounted for.

The players have provided direction to the RLPA, as their representatives, to work and progress a range of matters including but not limited to: payment for services, player workload, competition structure and contract security with the NRL, to ensure increased levels of support and guarantees are delivered.


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