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May 10, 2016

Players rally for RECOGNISE

Indigenous league stars including Johnathan Thurston, Greg Inglis and Sam Thaiday have thrown their support through a new commercial that calls for more to be done to include and recognise all Indigenous peoples within communities.

The commercial will air at a time when players, Clubs and fans will celebrate Indigenous Round (round 10), with the game paying tribute to the many Indigenous players and communities that play a vital role within Rugby League and wider society.

The NRL will partner with RECOGNISE for the third year in a row, providing a united voice to the movement to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples in the Australian Constitution and ensure there is no place for racial discrimination.

All matches will feature recognition of the round and the importance of Indigenous players, coaches, staff and communities within the game. 

The RECOGNISE ‘R’ will be painted on all 40 metre lines, referees will wear Indigenous inspired jerseys, traditional dances and ceremonies will take place before matches and a host of teams will wear Indigenous Round jerseys.

NRL Indigenous welfare and education manager Dean Widders has spent time with all NRL players and Clubs over the past month, educating teams on the importance of Rugby League to Indigenous communities and the history of Indigenous players in Rugby League over many years.

“We have a long list of Indigenous players, coaches and staff, past and present, that add enormous value and impact to our game and the many fans that follow Rugby League,” Mr Widders said. 

“Clubs have been fantastic with their level of support of Indigenous peoples – and not just in the lead up to Indigenous Round, but right throughout the season.”

RECOGNISE Joint Campaign Director Tanya Hosch congratulated the NRL for its leadership and commitment to supporting RECOGNISE.

“It will be fantastic to see the RECOGNISE ‘R’ symbol on-field, as well as many players and referees jerseys and the strong support from Clubs across the NRL,” Ms Hosch said.

“RECOGNISE is a campaign all Australians can support.  It is about addressing racial discrimination and telling our country’s whole story and it is pleasing that the NRL is joined by more than 290,000 fellow Australians who have already signed on to support the RECOGNISE movement.

  • Fans are encouraged to attend an Indigenous Round match live, with tickets available at
  • To view the NRL’s RECOGNISE commercial featuring Johnathan Thurston, Greg Inglis and Sam Thaiday, click here
  • For further information on NRL Indigenous Round, including a Rugby League Indigenous milestone timeline, head to
  • For further information on how you can support the RECOGNISE movement, visit
  • Fans can also follow #NRLIndigenous to keep up to date with activity across the round
  • Clubs wearing Indigenous Round jerseys include: Eels, Cowboys, Storm, Titans and Tigers. 
  • The Rabbitohs and Dragons will wear their Indigenous jerseys in round 11 and the Broncos and Raiders will wear their Indigenous jerseys in round

Photo: Sam Thaiday (pictured) has joined Johnathan Thurston and Greg Inglis in a commercial to support recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples in the Australian Constitution.

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