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December 19, 2021

Parramatta’s Nita Maynard joins RLPA as NRLW Player Operations Manager

Nita Maynard has joined the Rugby League Players’ Association as Player Operations Manager for the NRLW.

Maynard’s role at the RLPA will see her advocate for the rights, benefits and entitlements of the game’s female players in the NRLW.

“I’m passionate about everything I do, including the women’s game and helping it to grow,” Maynard said. “This is such a wonderful opportunity for me to represent the whole NRLW playing group while still being part of it as a player.

A current NRLW player, Maynard has recently made the move west to Parramatta following her stint with the Roosters.

“I’ve been playing in the NRLW from the beginning and, while I can see the growth of the game, there is still a lot of development to go. It shows the importance of the RLPA as a truly player-led association.

“I am here to listen and take on player feedback and advice on what the most important issues to them are at any time. Listening to them means that we can make improvements where it matters the most.

“I’ll also be working with clubs and the NRL when it’s required to make sure that anything that requires a collective approach is actioned and we’re working collaboratively with all stakeholders.”

With plans for a women’s CBA, CEO of the RLPA Clint Newton said Maynard’s appointment recognises the huge milestone the appointment is for the women’s game.

“We’re proud to have Nita join the RLPA as Players Operations Manager,” said Newton.

“Having played NRLW, State of Origin and international rugby league, Nita brings a wealth of experience and unique player insight to her role, strengthening the RLPA’s position in the game as truly player-led.

“Nita cares deeply about her peers and demonstrates a clear passion and committed to advancing the women’s game and NRLW. The game is better for having her play it and I don’t doubt it will be in an even better position now that she’s secured a leadership position through her role with the RLPA.”

The fourth season of the NRLW kicks off in February next year, and Maynard said playing for the Parramatta Eels feels like going back home.

“I’m super happy to be part of the Parramatta Eels. I spent so much time here when I first moved to Australia, it’s awesome to be back.

“There’s so much talent coming through in western Sydney where the women’s game is growing. I’m honoured to be given a platform to represent them.”

“Even though we’ve got a new team, we’ve already had a few team meetings and outings and it’s such a good vibe amongst us. The girls are so pumped and we can’t wait to rip in to training.”

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