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May 05, 2022

Men’s PAG agree on their CBA focus

On Tuesday this week, the 10-player RLPA Men’s Player Advisory Group (MPAG) met to discuss and prioritise claim areas ahead of the upcoming CBA negotiations. The result of the player-led initiative was agreement between the RLPA and MPAG on the claims (to be tabled during CBA negotiations) and strategy.

The two hour meeting, focused entirely on the CBA, was a springboard ahead of the negotiations with the NRL commencing in the months ahead.

The RLPA’s men’s leadership instigated the meeting with RLPA to agree on a strategic approach for the upcoming negotiations, and to direct the RLPA on its priority claims.

Highlighting the seriousness with which the playing group is taking the forthcoming CBA, the players undertook this meeting with the RLPA ahead of financial information being provided to them by the NRL.

The agreed pillars of these claims by the MPAG include:

  • Injury and medical support
  • Transitions & past players
  • Commercial rights & player property
  • Wellbeing & education
  • International rugby league
  • Integrity

In attendance at the MPAG meeting were all 10 NRL players who make up the RLPA Men’s Player Advisory Group, led by RLPA General President Daly Cherry-Evans. Also in attendance were RLPA Board members Christian Welch, Wade Graham, and Josh Hodgson as well as Moses Mbye, James Tamou, Chad Townsend, Damien Cook, Dale Finucane, and Kurt Capewell.

RLPA General President Daly Cherry-Evans praised the Men’s Player Advisory Group and players for their commitment to each other:

“The current playing group are the most engaged and knowledgeable about their rights and entitlements that I’ve ever seen. We’re united and incredibly committed to getting the results we want in collective bargaining.”

“The PAG’s job is hugely important to hearing the views of the entire playing group to form our collective position. Our work, along with the Delegates, will not only be beneficial to current male and female players, but also to past and future players too.”

“The Men’s Player Advisory Group and the RLPA are completely aligned on our strategy and claims. We have complete confidence in the RLPA leading us through and representing us during negotiations.”

Clint Newton, the RLPA CEO, spoke about the MPAG’s leadership and readiness for collective bargaining negotiations:

“After my initial positive discussions with the NRL’s lead negotiator Hugh Marks to understand the functions of his role and how we will move forward, we have now provided the Men’s PAG with clarity on how we will work with Hugh during the collective bargaining negotiations.”

“Our player leaders are ready to begin negotiations once we receive and analyse all the essential financial information requested from the NRL.”

“The players are highly engaged, and will continue to stand united with unwavering commitment to secure the best terms and conditions for our past, current and future NRL and NRLW players.”

“Given the RLPA requested the appropriate financial information from the NRL in November last year, there is an expectation that there should be no further delays and they will be a true and accurate reflection of the game’s current and future financial positions.”

The Women’s Player Advisory Group will also meet this month to agree strategy and claims to be tabled during their collective bargaining negotiations.

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