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Posted by RLPA

March 21, 2024

Fierce JWH reaches 300

Jared Waerea-Hargreaves will join the esteemed 300-game club when his Roosters side take on local adversaries the Rabbitohs this Friday night. He will become the 50th player in the history of the premiership to reach the 300-game mark.

Jared, an important leader on the field and off it as a member of the RLPA as well, has played the majority of his career games for the Roosters in their front row, and started in three NRL Premiership wins in 2013, 2018 and 2019.

RLPA Chief Executive Officer Clint Newton on Jared’s 300-game milestone:

“On behalf of the RLPA and players, I want to congratulate Jared on reaching 300 NRL games. To reach this massive milestone is an incredible achievement, but to do it as a prop adds another layer on top this of accomplishment.

“From my perspective, front row in the NRL is the hardest position in elite sport globally when you have done it over such a long period of time like Jared has. The in no question about what style Jared has always played; it’s full been unrelenting and at full throttle with tremendous passion. He was a formidable and respected opponent when I played against him, but as a fan of the game he provided hope for his fans and teammates, and for opposition fans and players, he was a “watch out” type of player. This has always given people a reason to tune in and watch Jared play.

“He’s represented his teams, country, family and culture with passion and commitment and this weekend will be no different. Good luck in your milestone match, Jared, and we look forward to watching your ongoing contributions to our great sport.”

Tom Symonds, the RLPA’s General Manager, Past Player and Transition, on Jared’s 300th game:

“This is an unbelievable achievement for Jared to notch 300 NRL games, especially given how hard he has thrown his body into every minute of every game. He has been the undisputed ‘alpha dog’ of the NRL for the last 15 years and this huge milestone is a credit to his fierce competitive nature.

“Jared has been a key figure in the Roosters’ decade of dominance that included three Premierships. He was one of only a handful of players that won three Premierships for them last decade and has been a constant for the club since he joined in 2010.

“I was proud to be there with him in his early days at the Roosters and watch him establish himself as one of the best pops of the modern era. On the field he leads from the front, and off it he is also hugely respected as an incredible leader for the Roosters and also the players collectively with the RLPA.”

RLPA Player Operations Manager Tinirau Arona on Jared’s 300th game:

“To me, Jared is one of the most genuine teammates I’ve come across in my career. I’m grateful to say I got to share a locker room with JWH at the Roosters for a few years.

“He is kind, well-mannered, and respectful. That may surprise fans of the game in comparison to his aggressive but effective style on the field. He is a true competitor and holds everyone to a high standard but also an unbelievable teammate and role model.

“I remember at one fan day, Jared had a long line of people wanting to meet him and take photos. Jared gave all his attention and time to every individual person that day. He was also the last to leave, long after the team had finished the signing session.

“That’s the type of person and teammate he is. To notch 300 games is a huge achievement, and Jared has reached that milestone his way. Congratulations, uncle!”

RLPA General Manager, Player and Football Operations, Jamie Buhrer on Jared’s 300th game:

I was very fortunate to know Jared early in his career when we both played NRL Under-20s for Manly. Even back then it was obvious that he was destined to become a dominant force when he would eventually make his first-grade debut.

“Everyone that has ever played with Jared has been grateful to have him on their team. His ability to take the game by the scruff of the neck and drive his team forward made him one of those players you never enjoyed playing against.

All the best for your 300th Jared, you’ve had an immense career and deserve to enjoy this very special moment.

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