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September 22, 2022

NRLW Finalists revealed for Players’ Champion

The Rugby League Players Association (RLPA) is pleased to announce the Finalists for The Players’ Champion award  – outlining the five Contenders from the NRLW who polled the most overall votes for the player-voted individual honour.

The five Finalists for the 2022 Players’ Champion are:

Sam Bremner (Sydney Roosters)

Keilee Joseph (Sydney Roosters)

Isabelle Kelly (Sydney Roosters)

Raecene McGregor (Sydney Roosters)

Simaima Taufa (Parramatta Eels)

The Finalist list features three players who are in line to claim their first-ever Players’ Champion accolade – Keilee Joseph, Isabelle Kelly and Raecene McGregor. Previously named the Elite Women’s Player of the Year, Simaima Taufa won the award twice in 2017 and 2018, while Sam Bremner won in 2016.

2022 is the first season the Players’ Awards have used NRLW Contenders for the individual Players’ Champion honour. Incredibly all four Roosters Contenders are Finalists following their undefeated regular season.

The winners of both the 2022 Players’ Champion awards from the NRL and NRLW competitions will be announced during Channel Nine’s Grand Final coverage on October 2.

Lina Caccamo, the RLPA’s GM of Elite Women and International Relations, congratulated the five Finalists for The Players’ Champion award:

“For these five players, it is amazing recognition from your peers to be voted as one of the top five players in an NRLW season. The Players’ Awards are where respect meets rivalry, and to finish so high in a player-voted award would be a special feeling for them.

“The RLPA would like to congratulate Sam, Keilee, Isabelle, Raecene and Simaima on this impressive acknowledgement from their fellow players as Finalists. The unbelievable skill, athleticism, strength and pure determination they’ve shown for their clubs and fans during the 2022 season has been exceptional.

“The Players’ Champion honour roll would proudly display any one of the names from this list of five great players. We look forward to seeing which individual will be named as The Players’ Champion during Channel Nine’s Grand Final coverage on October 2.”

Channel Nine reveal The Players’ Champion Finalists from the NRLW

About The Players’ Champion voting:

  • Voting is open to all contracted NRLW players, with each player selecting opposition players using a 3/2/1 format.
  • Players can vote from a list of four Contenders from each club who are nominated by their Delegates and an RLPA Working Group
  • Players are not penalised for any suspensions and/or fines received during the course of the season. 
  • Players cannot vote for their teammates or themselves.
  • The player with the most number of votes is awarded The Players’ Champion.

Previous winners of The Players’ Champion

Previously Elite Women’s Player of the Year (below)

  • 2018 Simaima Taufa
  • 2017 Simaima Taufa (Australia) & Sarina Fiso (New Zealand)
  • 2016 Samantha Bremner (Australia) & Georgia Hale (New Zealand)

The Players’ Awards schedule in partnership with Channel 9:

  • September 23: Players’ Rookie of the Year Finalists (NRL & NRLW)
  • September 25: Players’ Rookie of the Year (NRL & NRLW)
  • September 28: The Players’ Dream Team (NRLW)
  • October 2: The Players’ Champion (NRL & NRLW)
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