RLPA Financial Model

Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the NRL and RLPA have agreed to a revenue sharing model whereby players receive a guaranteed share of total game revenue in recognition of the significant contribution the players make to generating those revenues.

This share is received by players in the form of payments and benefits (salary payments, match fees, representative payments, retirement account payments, marketing pool payments, injury hardship fund payments, tickets, insurances, etc.).

Players agree how their share of total game revenue is divided up and distributed across the various payments and benefits.

Within the players’ share, there is also a portion which the players have agreed will be directed towards funding their association.

A portion is paid directly by the Clubs following it being deducted from the salary cap (which would otherwise be paid to players and then deducted as RLPA membership fees). This is an arrangement that was put in place around 2010 as an effective and efficient means of the RLPA receiving membership fees from its members.  

Another portion is paid direct from the NRL to the RLPA in consideration for the significant commercial restrictions the RLPA and players have agreed to under the CBA, which provides the NRL the ability to offer exclusivity to its commercial partners.