Georgia Hale

Georgia Hale is a member of the inaugural Women’s Player Advisory Group in 2021.

“I wanted the opportunity to be a voice for our playing group,” said Georgia Hale.
“With this I knew there would be challenges: to raise talking points, to have the hard conversations and go into bat for our game. But if I could play a small part in making change, it was something I wanted to be a part of.
“I want to leave the game in a better place than where I found it. When I started playing we were definitely in a different phase, with a lot of growing to do. Where we are now is better but when it’s time for me to hang up the boots I want to see more improvements made.
“The RLPA allows our voices to be heard. They stand with us and for us, in the good moments and through the tougher challenges. We would not have got the game to where it is today without the RLPA standing with us and we would not be able to see a promising future for the next generation if it wasn’t for their support.
“With the support of the PAG we can aim to cover and support all of our players in the game. We have a diverse group of players that can address different matters, raise different opinions and represent the unique and special groups within our game.”