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Posted by RLPA

March 19, 2017

Statement – Concussion

Protecting players in relation to the risks of concussion is a key priority of the RLPA, an approach which is being informed by the independent Concussion Working Group established by the Australian Athletes Alliance.

This is an issue we have worked closely with the NRL on, which has included introducing more prescriptive match day protocols this season.  We have also focused on shifting the culture to ensure everyone takes seriously the measures in place to mitigate the risks and effects of concussion.

The approach is effectively managing concussion has evolved significantly in recent years, but there is still more work to do.

We support the NRL’s strong stance on the issue and agree that significant action must be taken if it is found that Clubs have not upheld their obligations.  There is a formal process in place relating to the breaches served on the Clubs, which those Clubs and the NRL will now work through before any penalty is imposed and, therefore, we encourage everyone to respect the integrity of that process.

We will be proposing that the NRL invest any fines paid by clubs into much needed concussion research to better inform the approach going forward.

The RLPA will continue to support players and the NRL around this important issue throughout the season.


Ian Prendergast


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