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Posted by RLPA

June 26, 2019

RLPA endorses changes relating to crusher and late tackles

The Rugby League Players’ Association (RLPA) has endorsed changes announced today relating to ‘crusher’ and ‘late’ tackles.

The RLPA, through the Competition Committee, has been involved in providing recommendations put to the Australian Rugby League Commission – which have now been implemented ahead of Round 15 matches this weekend.

Clint Newton, RLPA General Manager of Stakeholder Relations and a representative on the Competition Committee, welcomed the changes that look to address concerns relating to player safety.

“The RLPA will always support policy change that enhances the protection of players,” Mr Newton said.

“We have worked collaboratively with the NRL and other keys stakeholders on the Competition Committee in recommending these changes relating to how crusher and late tackles are dealt with by referees and the Match Review Committee.

“The evidence and information put forward in the Competition Committee supported the need for greater deterrents to be introduced and we commend the ARLC on adopting these changes.

“This will allow the game to continually evolve by introducing measures that address concerns relating to player welfare – taking action as a game in this area demonstrates the proactive approach we’re working hard to prioritise.

“We recognise that collisions are part of what makes our sport great, however, crusher and late tackles have the potential to be extremely dangerous and we believe that there needs to be a level of understanding from players relating to duty of care for their opponents.” NRL to crack down on crusher tackles

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