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May 21, 2015

Players back White Ribbon

Elite Players have reaffirmed the Game’s commitment to the elimination of violence against women as the NRL hosted a leadership Forum with Dr Michael Kaufman, co-founder of the global White Ribbon movement.

The Forum, which featured senior NRL administrators, Club CEO’s and elite players, forms part of a renewed partnership with White Ribbon Australia that will focus the Game’s profile, club and community networks around the primary prevention of violence against women.

NRL Chief Operating Officer, Suzanne Young, said this partnership was about improving behavioural standards and principles within the Game, as well as using the positive influence the Game can have more broadly throughout the community.

“We have just finished a wonderful weekend of celebrations which recognise women at the heart of our Game and, as part of that recognition, we have an obligation to use our voice to say that violence against women, in any of its forms, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” Ms Young said.

Dr Kaufman, who has worked extensively with organisations across six continents including the United Nations, OXFAM, International Red Cross, and Amnesty International, said the NRL and its people can play a pivotal role in influencing attitudes and behaviours around violence against women.

Libby Davies, CEO, White Ribbon Australia said we are pleased the NRL will continue to raise awareness of violence against women and support educational programs that are driving attitudinal and behavioural change.

“The partnership is facilitating White Ribbon’s continuing collaboration with the NRL to develop the Voice against Violence Program and work towards a goal of having the NRL’s 16 Clubs accredited as White Ribbon Workplaces,” she said.

“We will also collaborate to heighten awareness of our national shame, the unacceptable abuse of women and children.”

The NRL’s renewed partnership with White Ribbon includes a commitment to further its status as a White Ribbon Accredited Workplace, as well as reviewing its Voice against Violence Strategy which works to empower grass-roots communities to take affirmative action against violence towards women.

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