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Posted by RLPA

June 23, 2016

NRL confirms final 6 rounds of 2016 draw

The Rugby League Players Association has welcomed the NRL’s commitment to address Player health and safety concerns in the final six rounds of the 2016 Season.

“Whilst we still have significant concerns with the current approach, we are satisfied the NRL has made a genuine attempt to better balance Player well-being against commercial considerations,” said RLPA Chief Executive Ian Prendergast.

The result is a small reduction in the number of five day turnarounds in the 2016 season compared with 2015.

“This is despite the recognised difficulties of managing a Thursday to Monday schedule of games, stadium arrangements, interstate travel, specific Club requests and, in particular, the broadcasters’ preferred schedule,” said Prendergast. 

“Players have made it clear that reducing five day turnarounds is critical to ensuring they can perform at their best for their Clubs and fans,” he said. “In line with what was agreed through the CBA mid-term review we look forward to five day turnarounds being reduced by at least 25% next year when Monday games are removed and a further significant reduction in 2018 when the NRL regains control of the draw.”

Prendergast recognises some Clubs and Players might still have legitimate concerns about the schedule released today.

“We understand that and will continue to advocate for a draw that strikes the right balance for all stakeholders but in the meantime, we are focused on working with the NRL and Clubs to improve the process during the transition phase and offset the impact of unfavourable turnaround schedules.”

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