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Posted by RLPA

April 05, 2017

Listen: Prendergast on EON Sports Radio

RLPA CEO Ian Prendergast spoke with EON Sports Radio yesterday about the World Players United conference, CBA Negotiations, the #PowerInNumbers campaign and more.

Prendergast is currently in France for the World Players United conference, which includes leading player associations from around the world such as the NFLPA, NHLPA and IRPA.

Representing the RLPA and the Australian Athletes Alliance, Prendergast said it was a great opportunity to test out proposals for the current CBA Negotiations with leaders from around the world.

“Leaders from across the world have come together in Paris to discuss a range of issues inlcuding player development, or as we call it in the NRL, well-being and education,” he said.

“I’ve got that at the beginning of this week and then an executive meeting with the major player associations later in the week that I get the privilege of attending on behalf of the Australian Athletes Alliance.

“It’s great timing from our point of view in terms of being able to check in with regards to where our (CBA) negotiations are at; it’s the best in the business from across the globe.

“To get their feedback and build that into our approach in relation to protecting and advancing the interests of both NRL players and the game back home.”

For more information on the World Players United conference, CLICK HERE.

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