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Posted by RLPA

May 17, 2023

CBA Settlement Proposal

The Rugby League Players’ Association has provided the NRL with a proposed settlement to the long-running collective bargaining agreement negotiations.

Parties were recently encouraged to take the initiative and compromise, and the players have chosen to do that with this settlement proposal. The RLPA is confident the proposed settlement will break the current impasse, improve and enhance player welfare and give the NRL the freedom and resources it needs to grow the game.

Importantly, the proposed settlement will not cost the NRL another dollar beyond what has already been agreed. The RLPA has made a range of concessions to allow the NRL to grow its asset base and pursue commercial agreements that will benefit everyone involved in the sport.

The RLPA would like to thank its Board for guidance and our player members for the professionalism they have shown in carefully considering the agreement, and for making significant compromises to reach this position. The player leaders of the RLPA are fully supportive of the settlement proposal and details of it have been provided to all members of the Association.

We have begun the settlement process this week following members of key parties returning to Australia, and with the goal of reaching agreement by the first Men’s and Women’s State of Origin games. 

We look forward to presenting the proposed settlement to the NRL before reaching agreement. We believe that this important proposal will cement a historic agreement for the good of rugby league and its clubs, players and fans.

As a proud RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan) organisation, we also look forward to celebrating Indigenous Round this weekend alongside our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander players and the game’s stakeholders.

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