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June 17, 2020

Career Development: Darius Boyd

The Rugby League Players’ Association (RLPA) has launched a new content series promoting career development opportunities for players and the importance of planning for life after footy.

The Career Development Q&A will each week feature a player who has engaged in meaningful development opportunities away from the field, providing an insight for other players and the industry about their journey.

The content series also highlights academic achievements from within the playing group, many of which have utilised the support available through the NRL-RLPA Wellbeing and Education program.

Part 4 of the Career Development Q&A features Brisbane Broncos player and Player Advisory Group member, Darius Boyd.

Q1 What off field development are you completing or have completed?

I am currently doing a Certificate III & IV in Fitness and a small course on The Science of Wellbeing. I also did a small business course about 10 years ago.

Q2 Why did you choose this field?

I have a passion for physical and mental health; but also, a business plan that both will help with.

Q3 Did you always have this career path in mind?

No, it’s only something that I’ve been really interested in the last four or five years.

Q4 Have you utilised any support available to players through the NRL-RLPA Wellbeing and Education program?

Yes, the program has helped organise and pay for some of the cost and items needed.

Q5 What plans or goals do you have for post-retirement?

My plan is to work in both physical and mental health spaces.

Q6 If you could give yourself one piece of career advice back in your rookie year what would it be?

Make sure you ask questions and soak up knowledge of older players. Particularly away from the field.

Q7 How important is it for players and the industry to prioritise career development opportunities?

It is very important. As players we only have a small playing window, so there is a lot of life left after football. You need to be well prepared.

Q8 How have the skills you have developed through playing NRL helped with your educational development?

The main skills that have helped me would be routine, communication, leadership, and goal setting. Heaps of skills can translate.

Q9 How important is having the support of your coach and football staff when pursuing education options?

It is important to have support because playing careers can be short lived and you need a plan B.

Q10 Was there a time you felt like giving up on your studies and if so, what helped you keep going?

Probably when you first start is the hardest. Trying to juggle study with training, family, kids, and your spare time.

Knowing the reason why you are doing it, and the goals you have for the future, will help you stay on track.

Stay tuned for next week’s Career Development Q&A with another member of the RLPA Player Advisory Group!

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