Agent Accreditation

Only agents registered with the Rugby League Accredited Player Agent Scheme can operate in our sport and must abide by the Rules and Code of Ethics.

No Club or Player can negotiate or lodge with the NRL an NRL Playing Contract for registration unless at all times during the negotiations the Player was:

  • self-represented or
  • represented by a family member or
  • represented by an NRL Accredited Agent.

The NRL will not register an NRL Playing Contract if the Player was represented in the negotiations of that Playing Contract by an Agent who was not, at all times during those negotiations, an NRL Accredited Agent.

An index of agents can be found here.

If you wish to become a registered agent or have questions about an agent please contact:

Paul Massey
Agent Accreditation Operations Manager
T: +61 437 600 200 | E: NRL Agent Operations